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Community Guidelines

The Twinworld community is an online space where people from various races, countries, generations, and languages come together. The following guidelines have been established to ensure that this space remains enjoyable and fun for everyone.

Please respect other members and staff.


The community guidelines apply to all actions and content present on the platform. Violations of these policies may result in the content being removed without notice, and the user may face restrictions on their account. In severe cases, legal action may be taken against the user if significant harm occurs.

Even if the content is posted for educational purposes, if harmful elements are excessively exposed or the educational purpose is ambiguous, the post may be deleted, or the user may face service restrictions.

Sensitive Content Restriction

  1. Excessive exposure and sexually explicit content

  2. Promotion of suicide, drugs, or acts related to animal abuse

  3. Acts that insult or ridicule specific countries, cultures, races, religions, regions, disabilities, etc.

  4. Promotion or dissemination of terrorism and extreme political ideologies

  5. Dangerous actions towards minors (sexual exploitation, grooming, violence, etc.)

  6. Other antisocial and unethical behaviors that contradict community guidelines.

Spam and Information Protection

  1. Prohibition of identity theft

  2. Prohibition of defamation of others' reputations

  3. The copyright of the posts published in the community belongs to the author, and the information or opinions expressed may differ from Twinworld's standpoint.

  4. The author is solely responsible for any unauthorized use of others' copyrights, and they must bear all damages incurred by Twinworld as a result.

  5. Prohibition of repetitive flooding of content or comments and contacting other individuals without consent for commercial purposes.

  6. Prohibition of posting external links that go against the community's principles (commercial, political/religious, violent, sexually explicit content, etc.).

Violent and Threatening Content

  1. Content that causes or evokes thoughts of harming or killing people's bodies.

  2. Content that induces dangerous activities such as the use of weapons, fire, electrocution, freezing, etc.

  3. Content involving the use or ingestion of harmful substances.

  4. Content that can cause mental distress (verbal abuse, defamation, threatening behavior, etc.).

Information Handling

  1. Twinworld community prohibits the posting of false information and spreading misinformation. Posts containing incorrect information related to investments, politics, elections, medical matters, or any other subject that could cause serious harm must be avoided, and the responsibility for such content lies solely with the poster.

  2. Additionally, information that is manipulated for specific purposes or posted to defame others may be removed without prior warning, and the poster may face restrictions on using the service.

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