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The driving force in holographic car control
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What is HoloDash?

HoloDash™ is a holographic command center for both “connected cars” and fully autonomous vehicles. Building upon the technology of HoloTube™, HoloDash™ allows you to easily and safely interact with your vehicle and 3D contents on the go.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

Use a system of intuitive hand gestures and voice commands to bring the virtual world within your reach. HoloDash™ is an operating system and interactive 3D display, all under your control.

Real-Time Roadside Assistance

Need directions, or running low on gas? Ask HoloDash™ for help and let your vehicle do all the work. Now, your car is a virtual assistant that can talk back to you.

Holograms that Go Anywhere

HoloDash™ is small, flexible and easily adaptable across manufacturer models. That means you can keep moving forward, no matter the make or model.

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Applications of HoloDash

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3D Modeling
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AR/VR/MR Content

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