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Hologram Room

Meet me in the next dimension.

What is a Hologram Room?

Visit one of our hologram rooms across the globe, a network of hands-on experience centers that blend the real and virtual worlds. Interact with holograms, test drive cutting-edge technology, and learn more about mixed reality.

No headset? No problem.

We provide you all the tools you need, like Nreal and HoloLens 2, so you can experience immersive AR.

Enjoy life beyond reality

Step into our real-world metaverse TwinWorld and explore everything the platform offers. Make your avatar, visit our in-game worlds, or create your own.

Meet “face to face”

Reimagine how we come together with our HoloPort™ technology. Easily record and stream yourself in real time with color and depth, anywhere in the world.

Unlocked by 5G

Dive into seamless and immersive hologram experiences, thanks to our 15 telecom partners worldwide.

To get started with your own Hologram room,
contact us today

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