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Real people. Real holograms. Real time.

What is HoloPort?

HoloPort™ is a simple software solution that records and streams people with color and depth. HoloPort™ anywhere in the world with any 3D camera and PC - it's as easy as installing a webcam on your computer.

Connect From Anywhere

Project yourself as your most lifelike, photorealistic self in mixed reality to interact as if you’re there in person.

Capture Life in Motion

Unlike other scanning software that creates static 3D models of scenes or objects, the HoloPort™ captures your movement in


Create Content for the
21st Century

Easily meet the rising demand for 3D assets without needing an expensive volumetric video capture studio.

HoloPort Screen Recording Screenshot.png

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Using our machine learning engine, HoloMo™, our algorithm generates full digital humans from a single viewpoint.

Applications of HoloPort

Asset 54_2x.png
3D Printing
Asset 52_2x.png
Asset 54_2x.png
3D Modeling
Asset 45_2x.png
Asset 46_2x.png
AR/VR/MR Content

To get started with HoloPort,
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