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Add Volume to Life

What is HoloPortal?

Located in London and Seoul, HoloPortal is an immersive volumetric studio that brings a new dimension to content creation. Easily capture and stream humans and objects in 3D to create lasting digital content for the next generation of media.

Core Technology

Create hyper-realistic experiences using our patented visual hull technology. We use 32 cameras at 2K resolution to capture a maximum of 30 frames per second.

Make Digital Humans

Capture the magic and motion of real people or pets in real-time, from multiple camera angles, to be used in creating digital narratives that bring life to 3D.

Craft Stories with Depth

We’ve brought to life more than 300 projects around the world. We've summoned ghostly nuns at the Victoria and Albert Museum and put on a mixed reality exhibition at London Fashion Week.

Unlocked by 5G

Create and distribute into seamless and immersive hologram experiences, thanks to our 15 telecom partners worldwide.

Applications of HoloPort

Asset 54_2x.png
3D Printing
Asset 52_2x.png
Asset 53_2x.png
3D Modeling
Asset 45_2x.png
Asset 46_2x.png
AR/VR/MR Content

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