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The easiest way to amplify holograms through your smartphone.

What is HoloTube?

Experience 3D content in the real world with the HoloTube™, a 360° display powered by your smartphone. 

No headset? No problem.

Experience 3D content in the real world with your naked eye. With HoloTube™’s circular display system, you can view a hologram from any angle up to 5 meters away.

Stream it to believe it

We transform 3D images into streamable code that lets you livestream yourself anytime, anywhere. Integrated with our HoloPort™ and HoloPortal™ technology, HoloTube™ receives and displays real-time volumetric streams.

Light in weight and price

Also available in plastic and cardboard, HoloTube™ Lite makes the HoloTube™ even more portable and affordable. Project your hologram, no matter where you are with this collapsible display.

Holotube 2-1.jpg

Holograms at your fingertips

Use a system of intuitive hand gestures and voice commands to bring the virtual world within your reach. HoloTube™ is an operating system, a virtual assistant and an interactive 3D display, all under your control.

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