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  • Where can I download the Twinworld APP?
    1. Access the website at “” 2. To perform a search, you must enter the complete spelling. “Twinworld” 3. If you click the download button, you will be able to check it on your Quest device.
  • How do I install the TwinWorld app?
    You can install the app on your Quest device. Find Twin World in the device's download list and press the install button.
  • Set Up [Quest] for Enjoying Twinworld
    1. Enable pass-through feature Tap the menu button on your right-hand controller and click the settings options Find the option for Guardian settings and click that Look through those settings and turn on the option to double tap for passthrough 2. Enable hand & eye tracking feature Press the settings button on your right hand controller to access the pop-up menu Click on the settings cog at the bottom of the screen Find and click on movement tracking Choose which settings you want to turn on
  • Set up my profile
    1. Enter My Profile in the lobby 2. Click the edit button 3. Enter your nickname and self-introduction, then click the update button
  • Create your own space
    1. Click on [CREATE SPACE] in the lobby 2. Please enter your MySpace name 3. MySpace creation
  • Retrieve and Place Items
    1. Click the [Menu] → click the [Item add] 2. Select the items to be batched 3. Pick up the selected items with your fingers and place them in the desired location
  • Search for the desired item
    1. After clicking on the magnifying glass icon, search for the desired item 2. You can also find the desired item in the right-hand category
  • Save or exit Space
    1. Press the save button 2. Take a thumbnail photo 3. Exit after configuring Space
  • Generate a Voice Ball
    1. Click the Voice Ball button 2. Press the record button 3. Arrange Voice Ball
  • Copy/Delete/Fix the item
    1. Access the item settings environment 2. First, select the item you want to Delete/Copy/Fix 3. Next, click the desired function button
  • How to use the [Draw] feature in "My space."
    1. Select [Draw] from the menu 2. Draw your desired picture/text using your finger
  • Switch to [Bird View]
    1. Select [Bird View] from the menu 2. Use the [Rotation] and [Size] functions to explore the space from desired viewpoints
  • Exit from [Twinworld]
    1. Open the [Quest] menu 2. Exit [Twinworld]
  • When the space is full of items
    Please delete unnecessary items within the space and create them again. Depending on the different vertex of the items, you may need to delete multiple items in order to add one item
  • What happens to the decorated space when the Twinworld App unexpectedly shuts down?
    The space is displayed at the last saved point. Unfortunately, due to various issues, temporary saving is not available. If you are performing important tasks, we recommend saving regularly
  • What is the maximum number of people allowed in the space?
    Unfortunately, currently only a maximum of 10 people are allowed to enter. Our engineers are consuming a lot of caffeine to accommodate more people
  • The item does not duplicate in the space after uploading it
    To duplicate the item in the space after uploading, you need to enable the duplication permission during item upload. If it is not enabled, you won't be able to make changes, and you'll have to re-upload the item
  • Why isn't the controller device working in Twinworld?
    We aimed to provide a hands-on reality experience in the MR environment. We are aware that some users find this aspect inconvenient and we plan to improve it by making the controller also available for use
  • If it is difficult to move due to overlapping with the hand menu when creating an item
    When you release the menu anchor pin, it becomes easier to pinch the item, making item movement more convenient
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