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Experience our emerging metaverse technologies for everyday life


Live Beyond Reality.

We want to bring digital and physical worlds together through one immersive experience. TwinWorld empowers its users to create, share and enjoy life beyond reality with people from all around the world. Joust with a knight, explore an underwater garden, or throw a concert for dinosaurs. Everything you can imagine is real.

Aqua! by TwinWorld

Life looks better underwater.

Aqua! by TwinWorld is a colorful underwater AR experience for mobile devices and the HoloLens 2. Users can create avatars, explore underwater worlds, and share the experience with friends. Visitors can join the ongoing live event for TwinWorld Aqua! at Westfield Glòries in Barcelona through October 2021.

Aqua! world 2-1 (2).png


Your "Real-world Virtual Pet."

Plasmals are a lovable collection of 10,000 NFT-based creatures on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Plasmal is unique and programmatically generated from more than 40 possible traits. They're cute, cuddly and—thanks to AR technology—coming soon as your real-world virtual pal. 

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